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  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesRiva – Annapolis and Maryland’s Best Kept Secret
    I’m going to tell you a secret of a little known town overlooking the South River. For those looking for peace and quiet but close to the fun, this town is ideal to retire.  Young couples just starting a family will love this
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesEssential Property Maintenance – Avoiding Frozen Pipes
    Frozen water pipes can cause costly damage with flooding and replacement pipes, but with a little bit of know-how it is avoidable. If you're a tenant it may be worth speaking with Annapolis Property Services to see if your landlord would consider helping
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesMaintenance Responsibilities for Tenants
    The responsibility of proper rental property maintenance belongs to both landlords and tenants. State and local laws require that tenants maintain rental properties at a habitable condition, meaning that homes should be kept clean with only reasonable wear and tear. As a tenant
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesOwning a Rental Property in Odenton, Maryland
    Odenton is located 20 minutes from Maryland’s state capital, Annapolis. According to the 2010 census, the population of Odenton is 37,132 with an 80% population growth rate since 2000. Odenton boasts the greatest growth in Anne Arundel County, making it a prime location
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesRental Property Maintenance Tips
    Rental properties need seasonal care just like privately owned homes.  In order to prepare your rental home for the Spring season see below for a list of suggested maintenance tips. Clean your gutters. Gutters direct rain away from your roof and home, protecting both
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesHome Sweet Rental Home
    Renting has many benefits.  But sometimes it can be difficult to make a rental property feel like your own, especially when you have to follow restrictions dictated by a lease.  Read on for a few ideas to make  your rental  feel like  home.
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property Services9 moving tips from Annapolis Property Services
    To help make the move transition a little easier we have put together the following list. Here’s our top 9 things to consider when you are moving residences.
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesSpring Yard Clean-up Tips
    Spring is a great time for a yard clean up.   It is also an ideal time to de-winterize your house inside and out. Below we have listed a our top 6 items to consider as you plan your spring yard and home
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesRenting with pets
    Deciding whether to rent with pets is big decision.  Annapolis Property Services help property owners make an informed choice for their rental property when it comes to renting with or without pets.   Here are some important pros to consider when considering renting with
  • Annapolis Rentals & Property ServicesFinding Good Tenants
    One of the most common questions we are asked by new owners is: How does Annapolis Property Services find a good tenant? We use a tried and true process to source high quality tenants in a timely manner.  By sticking to the process