Rent Guarantee – Financial Peace of Mind

Rent Guarantee
  • We will guarantee that even if your tenant has not paid rent, you will receive your monthly payment
  • For just 2% of the monthly rent, in every instance where your tenant is legally obligated to pay rent, you will receive your full monthly payment, on time, every month for up to 3 months
  • There is no deductible

rent guaruntee

What is covered
  • If your tenant defaults on their lease by not paying rent when due, you will receive full rent coverage for up to 3 months, until a new resident can be placed or until the defaulting resident’s lease term expires, whichever comes sooner.
  • The cost of sourcing a replacement tenant
  • Your full monthly rent payment is guaranteed to be credited to your account no later than the 15th of every month
What is not covered
  • Rent coverage for any rents that cannot be legally recovered, e.g., early lease termination due to military orders, final protective orders, bankruptcy, rent escrow, or other court-ordered deductions and lease terminations
  • A situation where rent has been paid into rent escrow or withholding due to an alleged condition at the property
  • Situations where a property is not available for a 12-month future lease
  • Damages or actual maintenance costs to the property
  • Utilities that are unpaid by the tenant
  • Eviction or legal costs
What is the cost, and how does it work
  • For a fee of 2% of the monthly rent, added to the monthly management fee, APS will provide rent guarantee coverage for up to 3 months, until a new resident can be placed, or until the defaulting resident’s lease term expires, whichever comes sooner
  • Maintenance costs will be processed and paid as normal
  • APS will pursue late rent and, if necessary, the eviction process
  • You will not incur any legal costs relating to the non-payment of rent in the judicial process
  • There is no deductible, and the tenant’s security deposit will be handled per Maryland law requiring prioritization of the deposit to go towards any outstanding rents owed to APS and eviction cost before going towards any damages beyond ordinary wear and tear
  • Coverage can be terminated by the property owner without penalty but must be initiated before the lease start date or any lease default
Lesley Culver
I have worked with many leasing agencies over the years and APS is one of the best. Not only are they extremely responsive, detailed oriented and very professional, they are just a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend using them!
Joe Pfeifer
APS has consistently responded to all of our issues with the home promptly and thoroughly. From mice to insulation and a broken oven, we have been very happy with our rental!
Ian Pfeiffer
We have used Annapolis Property Services for over a decade. For every issue that has cropped up at our property, they have been wonderful in helping us get them resolved. They are professional and provide a seamless service. Highly recommend!
Kelly Lehner
Just moving to the Annapolis area, it was great to work with Annapolis Property Services. I was always warmly greeted by Staff, my telephone conversations were never rushed, and my email inquiries were promptly responded to. Ben Derrick quickly responded to any questions I had with my rental and even came to condo to give me lessons on how to turn on/off my fireplace. If you are looking to rent in the Annapolis area, without hesitation, I recommend you choose a rental property that is being managed by Annapolis Property Services.
Sarah Bull
Amazing staff, fast response time, and easy to work with! I have been working with the APS team for a little over 2 years now and could not be happier with the professional and attentive staff members. They made listing and renting my property super easy and ensure the property is appropriately maintained by the tenants. I do not live close enough to the property to be able to keep an eye on it myself, but APS has given me the peace of mind that everything is in order and taken care of. Definitely recommend!
Sarah Hohl
My boyfriend and I have been renting from a landlord who uses Annapolis Property Services for the past two years. Before using APS as a tenant, you should understand that a property service’s main concern is the landlord’s best interest. They want to keep maintenance costs as low as possible. Also understand that you will not have a direct line of communication with your landlord. APS acts as a “middle man” for communication. That being said, we feel that the people at APS are attentive and caring towards the tenants they manage. As long as you are vocal about any issues you are experiencing and what your concerns/expectations are, APS will do everything in their power to get you the help you need as quickly as they can. We recently had some water damage to our apartment as a result of a leak in our building. Oliver at APS has been incredibly helpful in this stressful situation. He listened to our concerns about potential mold exposure and has been a huge advocate for us. We have also had good experiences with Brendan and Nikka, they have always responded to our emails in a very timely manner.
Jonathan Agee
My family and I have used Annapolis Property Services for one year. They were recommended to me by a friend who swore by their professionalism, honesty, and fair rates. And after one year of their services, I must agree this is a top-notch company with incredible employees, fair pricing, and great communication. If you live in Annapolis or the surrounding area and need property management services, APS is hands down the best it can get!
Elizabeth Reyna
They’re absolutely amazing and always respond within a timely manner. The friendly dementors and awesome customer service they give is one of the many positive things I have to say about them. I’m a first time tenant with APS and I wish I would have found them sooner. They’ve made this whole process extremely smooth and easy. I can only imagine how much care they will provide and give once our lease starts!
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