Home Winterization Instructions

Home Winterization Instructions


Make sure your residence is safeguarded against freezing temperatures and heavy rainfalls. These important precautions will help you ensure you’re prepared.

Exterior Hose Bibs

To reduce the risk of your pipes freezing, it is essential that you disconnect any outside water hoses as well as properly shut off and drain all exterior water pipes and hose bibs.  This is done easily via a shut-off valve inside your property. Additionally, leave outside hose bibs in the open position.








If you have a frost-free hose bib, we recommend that you still follow the steps noted above.  Please note that leaving a hose attached to a frost-free hose bib that is not winterized can lead to a burst pipe.  So please keep it simple and remove all hoses from hose bibs

If you do not have a shut-off valve for the outside faucets, please purchase and install outdoor faucet covers. These are available at any hardware or garden store for as little as $3.00.








If you believe you have an outdoor faucet shut off, but you’re unable to find it, please submit a maintenance request by clicking here MAINTENANCE REQUEST.  

Check Gutters and Downspouts   

It is essential to make sure water can easily flow away from the property, especially during the winter months. Make sure your gutters and downspouts have been cleared of any debris that could cause ice damming as the weather gets colder.

Window and Stairwells

Window wells and stairwells almost always have drainage systems that need to stay clear to prevent water backup and flooding.  Regularly check your window wells and stairwells, and clear any leaves or debris.  It’s good to test the drainage occasionally to ensure water drains quickly.   








Pools, Hot Tubs, and Irrigation Systems

If you have a swimming pool, hot tub, outside shower/sink, or lawn irrigation system, they will need to be professionally winterized to avoid you being responsible for any freeze damage to them

Oil or Propane Heat/Furnace

If you have an oil or propane furnace, ensure that your tank is full and that you set up a regular fill plan with your oil provider. This will ensure that the tank never goes empty and will break up your oil bill, allowing for smaller payments versus one large bill at the end of the season.








Outdoor Water/HVAC Closet

If you have an outside water/HVAC closet, it MUST be properly heated to prevent the sprinkler line from freezing. Be sure any exterior pipes are properly insulated. In below-freezing temperatures, use a 100-watt light bulb (NOT fluorescent) to heat this small space, or add an additional heater in the closet to prevent freezing. ALWAYS keep the closet door shut!

Going out of town?

If you plan to be away from your home for any length of time, please make sure your heat is turned ON and your thermostat set to 55 degrees or higher to prevent your pipes from freezing. 

If you have any concerns, or you’re not sure how to complete any of the winterization items above, please submit a maintenance request, and our maintenance team will be happy to assist you.


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