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Home Sweet Rental Home
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Renting has many benefits.  But sometimes it can be difficult to make a rental property feel like your own, especially when you have to follow restrictions dictated by a lease.  Read on for a few ideas to make  your rental  feel like  home.

1. Follow the rules

Be sure to read your rental agreement from beginning to end.  It will let you know what you can and cannot do to the interior and exterior of your home. If you do not see information on things like painting walls, hanging pictures or moving items that are not your own, call or email your property manager with your request.

2. Find alternatives to wallpaper and painting
Wallpaper Painting

Wallpaper Painting

If your lease prohibits you from changing paint colors or to putting holes in the walls looking for creative alternatives like to make the home feel more like your own. There are many attractive options for decorating walls that can be easily removed. For kids’ rooms, many furniture stores sell wall decals that can make a big impact. If you want to add some flare  to your kitchen, try Allposters.com for unique wall decor ideas. And remember when on check with your landlord or property manager. Visit Home decoration services

3. Hang pictures without creating a hole

There are lots of products on the market that will allow you to hang  pictures without a single nail hole. Check out the 3M Command line. You can hang a variety of objects without ever hammering a single nail.

4. Freshen up the landscape
Freshen up the landscape

Freshen up the landscape

Fresh mulch and edging make a huge difference.  Even if you don’t have a yard invest in a few container pots and fill them with brightly colored seasonals. Ask at your local nursery and they will be sure to help spruce any space with suggestions from hanging plants to container gardens. Visit yard decoration services

5. Enjoy!

There are so many ways to bring your rental house feel like home. So spend a little time concentrating on your creative side and your rental house will feel like home in no time!

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