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Annapolis Property Services was founded by Peter and Nicola (Nicky) Cook in 2003 to assist local property owners who were moving either overseas or out of state to care for their property.

Pete and Nicky had relocated from the UK to Annapolis; Pete was working in the marine vacation industry and Nicky as an account manager at a marketing agency. Their plan at the time was to be in the US for 2 to 4 years before moving to Australia.

They had purchased a home in Annapolis (where they still live today) and in 2002 set about trying to find a property manager whom we felt comfortable in turning over their largest asset to while they would be on the other side of the world.

They couldn’t find anyone that met their requirements, and as their plans changed, they decided to make Annapolis their home and launch Annapolis Property Services. Their goal was to manage 20 to 30 homes with a unique service offering and specialized approach to cater to local property owners who lived either overseas or out of state.

Demand was strong from the onset, and by 2005 we had already hit their 30 home goal. In 2007 Peter focused all his attention on APS, and Nicky transitioned to focus on raising their two sons Ollie and Will.

In 2008 they moved out of their basement into an office, the same building they are in today, although they have now moved to a larger space.

By 2011 they hit a huge milestone of 250 homes under management.

In 2018 they celebrated reaching 500 homes.

They attribute their success to continual focus, innovation and a dedicated team.

Sanford Collins joined APS in 2015 as the Operations Director heading up the The maintenance team and Financial team.

Marco Rodrigues, the Sales Director, joined the team in 2013 and heads up the leasing team and business development.

Brendan Giardini, a Senior Property Manager, joined the team in 2011.

Ben Derrick, the Senior Maintenance Specialist, joined in 2013.

The team approach allows team members to focus on their areas of expertise and provides comprehensive coverage day and night, seven days a week.


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Annapolis Property Services
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