Wear and Tear Vs Damage and Depreciation

Wear and Tear Vs Damage and Depreciation

As Landlords in Maryland, we are required to allow for normal wear and tear; so when determining the appropriate with holdings from a past tenants’ security deposit it is important to make allowance for wear and tear.


To help explain normal wear and tear vs deductible damages below is a brief summary and table as to how we at Annapolis Property Services define the differences.



Wear and Tear

Normal wear and tear is deterioration that occurs based on normal activity of day to day life without negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the property by the tenant or any guests of the tenant.


Damages are deterioration due to gross negligence, carelessness, abuse, or accident during the course of the lease term by either the tenant or their guests.


Most household items have a predetermined life span, so when replacing items, you need to account for normal wear and tear/depreciation.

For example; typically carpet will have a 10-year defined life span so it should be depreciated at 10% of the cost each year. If a carpet is damaged to the point of needing replacement and was installed 5 years prior, the tenant security deposit withholding amount can be 50% of the actual cost to replace with a similar quality carpet.

Below is a list that includes some examples of wear and tear vs damages.

Wear and TearDamages
Small nail holes caused by hanging picture frames and other items on walls.Large holes from anchors, screws, tv mount brackets or damage larger than a picture anchor nail
Slow draining drainsDrains clogged by hair, toys or other non-flushable objects
Worn countertops due to daily useBurned, stained, cracked or damaged countertops
Faded, chipped, smudged paintAn unapproved or poor tenant paint job
Worn or heat blistered mini-blindsBroken or bent slats, wands or missing wands
UV damaged screens or small holes from insectTears or rips
Hard water staining in fixturesExcessive hard water staining in fixtures due to lack of water system upkeep
Worn paths and light fraying in the carpet (carpet has a lifespan of 10 years)Excessive staining, Excessive odor, rips/tears in the carpet
Loose Toilet seatBroken, missing, or damaged toilet seats
Loose faucet fixturesBroken, missing, or damaged faucet fixtures
Dry LawnLong grass, overgrown bushes, excessive sticks/leaves, large bare spots not present at the time of move-in
Burned out light bulbsExcessive bulbs being out, missing or broken bulbs
Light scratching beyond the initial condition of hardwood floors as noted in the move-in reportScratched, gouged, warped, or stained hardwood floors
Non-functioning smoke/CO detectorMissing, detached, or visibly broken smoke/CO detector
Musty OdorUrine or Pet odor throughout the unit
Bi-fold closet doors off trackDamaged or missing bi-fold closet doors
Broom clean propertyExcessively dirty with no cleaning having been done
Mildew/natural staining on exterior of the propertyDamage/holes made by the tenant to the exterior of property ex. satellite dish install
Nicks, dings, marks on appliancesBroken or missing pieces on appliances
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