Preparing for Hurricane Florence

Preparing for Hurricane Florence

With to the possibility that Hurricane Florence may impact our region over the upcoming days with heavy rainfall and rising sea levels from the storm surge in the bay, below are a few reminders to help you prepare your house and minimize any issues that could arise.

Please take a moment to prepare by doing the following:

  • Clear your gutters and downspouts and extensions
  • Ensure downspout extensions are connected and moving water away from the house
  • Check and clean any exterior drains, specifically if you have any basement stairwells
  • If your property is equipped with a sump pump please check to make sure it is operating properly and back up battery is functioning (if applicable)  
  • To test your sump pump lift float switch and make sure it activates sump motor, if your sump is not working please immediately submit a maintenance request online

In addition below are some useful storm preparation tips:

    • If you fear flooding, sandbags, and rolls of plastic are good items to have handy to minimize water infiltration plus a Shop Vac to remove any water
    • Remove any deck furniture, secure any patio furniture and storm doors
    • Have an abundant supply of drinking water and working flashlights
    • Have ice and a cooler on hand to maintain food in the event of a power outage
    • Do not run generators inside or any area without proper ventilation

Should any water intrusion occur at your property please do your best to mitigate damages:

    • Capture any water (empty trash cans can also be a good alternative to a bucket)
    • Clean up any excess water
    • Block any water access points to prevent any further water intrusion (in lieu of sandbags, rolled up wet towels in trash bags can work)
    • Channel any pooling water away from the exterior of the house


Should a situation occur outside of normal business hours which poses danger to you or further damage to the property please first contact emergency response services at 911, and then call the APS Emergency phone number at 410-878-6539.

For properties located in the City of Annapolis, beginning tomorrowWednesday, September 12, sand and empty sandbags will be available at the Truxtun Park Swimming Pool parking lot for city residents who want to make their own sandbags.  A driver’s licenses will be checked to ensure that the materials are issued only to city residents.  Residents will be able to make up to 10 bags.  The operation will be open from 6 AM to 6 PM.


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A satellite image released by NASA showing a view of Hurricane Florence from space (Image: NASA/RICK ARNOLD)


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