Annapolis Property Services – Employee Spotlight – Sanford Collins

Annapolis Property Services – Employee Spotlight – Sanford Collins

Annapolis Property Services (APS) Employee Spotlight:
Sanford Collins

At APS, we’re very proud of being the leading residential property management company in the
Annapolis area. But we’re equally proud of the skilled staff that supports our ongoing success. In
this first of our Employee Spotlight series, we profile our Director of Operations, Sanford

What Sanford Does for APS and our Clients

Sanford Collins is a busy man with a lot more on his plate than just the sushi he loves to eat for
lunch at the Yama Sushi Bar. As the APS Director of Operations, Sanford oversees Maintenance,
Accounting, and a wide range of complex company processes. His typical day involves ensuring
that APS operates in compliance with company policies and relevant Tenant-Landlord laws. But
Sanford also deals with a variety of tenant and maintenance issues that are never the same twice.

Fortunately, Sanford loves a challenge, so what he enjoys most about his job after three and a
half years is the constant change. As he points out, “It’s never the same from day to day. With
more than 500 properties under management, we regularly deal with new issues. Resolving them
takes a lot of thought and consideration of the best outcome for all parties affected. The good
news is that we have a great group of employees who really support one another and work as a

Sanford finds his role rewarding. “As property managers, our role is significant for both
landlords and tenants. We manage what is usually a landlord’s largest financial asset. This comes
with a lot of responsibility, trust, and high expectations. I find it especially rewarding when my
expertise can quickly save a landlord time, money and/or a massive headache.”

Diverse Experience Put to Great Use

Sanford brings a great deal of diverse experience to his role as Director of Operations. He has
worked as a CPA, a licensed realtor, and an Audit Manager. He has also served as the Treasurer
for the local chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers.

One of Sanford’s more unusual jobs was that of product model. “I used to work at a software
company that chose to use individual employees as product models,” he explains. “For two
years, I was featured on the box of the company’s primary antivirus product, and the product was
displayed prominently on the shelves in every Best Buy nationwide. Every month I’d get an
email or text from a friend or relative asking, “Hey, is that really you?” It really was.

Sanford finds that property management leverages his skill set in multiple areas while presenting
daily, ever-changing people challenges. When asked who he would switch jobs with at APS if
given the opportunity, Sanford laughs and replies, “I would switch with Peter Cook, our
company President. Doesn’t everyone want to be the boss?”

Life outside work

Originally from the city by the bay, San Francisco, California, Sanford moved to Maryland in
2009. A graduate of California State University, East Bay, he holds a BS in Business
Administration. In his spare time, Sanford enjoys jogging, working out, and spending quality
time with his lovely wife and daughter.

The APS Team

In addition to Sanford, APS has ten other full-time employees who work closely together as a
team to meet the needs of our customers. The APS offices are located at 914 Forest Dr,
Annapolis MD (next to the True Value hardware store on Forest Dr/Bay Ridge Ave). To learn
more, visit our website at or give us a call at 410-695-

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