Tenant background screening

Sourcing suitable residents for your property is fundamental to successful management experience. Our goal is to source high-quality tenants promptly and adhere to all Fair Housing regulations.

To achieve this, we follow a strict screening process and guarantee all our tenants for the life of their lease term.


Showings and Background checks
  • Showing are completed in-house by an APS team member
  • Tenant placement is included at no additional cost
  • Residents are guaranteed for the life of the lease
  • Complete five different background checks:
    • Credit check – using a specific TransUnion landlord screening program
    • Nationwide Criminal background check
    • Previous address – to confirm where they have lived previously
    • Eviction check
    • Employment check and income verification
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Prospective Resident Screening Process:
  • Once an application is received, we will determine if an applicant will be a suitable resident or not and if any additional security should be required (e.g.,co-signer or additional Security Deposit, etc)
  • During the approval process, the following information is taken into consideration: Transunion recommendation, Credit score, Move-in date, Gross income, Previous address/landlord verification, Accounts in collections, Filings of failure to pay rent, or evictions and Criminal background check.
  • If they have pets, APS will determine if they meet the criteria for the property and, if necessary, check-in with you the property owner for clarification.
  • Once a decision to approve or decline an applicant has been made, APS will either prepare a lease or declination notice and send electronic copies to applicants.
  • After applicants have been approved or declined, we can then release all applicable information to you, the property owner.

All applications are accepted without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, color, familial status, disability, age, ancestry, citizenship, gender, expression, creed, occupation, and source of income.

If you are interested in our services please contact us and be sure to include a brief description and address of your property.


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