Move-in condition report and video

As part of our management services before a tenant taking possession of a property and after their move out, we complete a detailed property condition report and video.

Move-in Report and Video
  • Video documentation of the interior and the exterior property condition
  • Every room, every move in and move out
  • PDF Move-in condition report with notes and images
  • All included with our management services

During the process of moving in and out, we look for and document the following items:

• Visual condition of every room in the property including Cleanliness, walls, ceiling, flooring and window treatments

• Ensure Heat/AC systems turn on and appear operational

• The functioning of the Hot water system

• Missing or damaged window screens

• Light bulbs

• Fuel levels

• The functioning of Smoke detectors

• Handrails and wall fixtures

• The functioning of doors and locks

• Overall property condition and cleanliness

Exterior – Visual condition of:

• Yard areas and beds

• Deck and patio area

• Fencing/gates

• Storage shed and contents

• Driveway and walkways

If you are interested in our services please contact us and be sure to include a brief description and address of your property.

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Annapolis Property Services
914 Forest Drive, Suite 101 Annapolis MD 21403
(410) 695-6151

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