Scheduling and showings with prospective residents

All our tenant placement is completed in-house and showings of all our occupied homes are always accompanied by an APS team member.

Our interactive online scheduling software allows prospective residents the ability to schedule showings up to a week in advance at a suitable available day and time for their schedules. Prior to scheduling a showing, we ask a number of pre-screening questions to ensure the prospective residents are suitably qualified.

Prospective Resident Showings
  • All tenant placement completed in-house at no additional cost
  • Residents are guaranteed for the life of the lease
  • All showings are accompanied by an APS team member
  • Online scheduling for prospective residents
  • 24-hour Email and text showing notification for upcoming showings 
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Tips for showing your home:
  • First impressions count,so do your best to ensure your home has good curb appeal
  • Make sure prospective residents can easily park their car or instructions on where to park
  • Turn all the lights on and open window treatments
  • Check all beds and made and toilets seats are down
  • The smell of home is also important. A slice of warm apple pie in microwave can go along way!
  • Make the proeprty is at a comfortable temperature
  • Finally if you are still living in the porperty be sure that you and your pets are not at the property for the showing

If you are still living in your home we can also set up custom showtimes and block out any days where showing will not be convenient.

We always endeavor to provide at least 24 hours’ notice and you will receive email and text notifications of upcoming showing so you can plan accordingly.

If you are interested in our services please contact us and be sure to include a brief description and address of your property.

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Annapolis Property Services
914 Forest Drive, Suite 101 Annapolis MD 21403
(410) 695-6151

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