Summer Property Maintenance Tips

Summer Property Maintenance Tips

During the summer months, your property takes a beating. Between the midnight thunderstorms
and sweltering daytime heat, protecting your rental units may be seem like a futile endeavor.
However, with the help of a skilled property manager, you can take the necessary steps to
ensure your real estate is ready for the next heat wave or sudden storm.

Here are a few tips on how you can fortify your property for the summer

Keep your home cool: Keeping your property cool is important for your tenants safety
and comfort. But it’s also important for your property. Too much heat can affect your
paint, electronics, woodwork, and cause other issues. You can help keep your units cool
by keeping blinds and curtains closed to keep sunlight out, maintaining the thermostat at
a consistent temperature, and keeping the air conditioner running even when you are not
home. If it’s not too hot, consider opening all the windows instead of using the AC.
Additionally, you can place fans around the property to circulate air throughout the unit.
Your property manager can ensure your HVAC air filter is clean and regularly replaced.
● Keep ants away: The summer is prime-time for ants and other insects to invade homes.
Never leave food, sugar, or crumbs on counters or floors. If your property has ants, use
bait traps to eradicate the nests.
Check BGE status: On hotter days when there is high energy demand if you have
signed on for energy savings, BGE can “cycle” your AC. This means they can shut it off
for hours at a time when they need to conserve energy usage.
Clear gutters and downspouts: Since summer is the time for thunderstorms and heavy
downpours of rain, it is imperative that you make sure your gutters and down drains are
always clear.
Other pests: In addition to ants, other pests, like mice, groundhogs, raccoons,
opossum, and skunks tend to be more prevalent in the summer. To protect your property
and tenants, take the necessary steps to safely and humanely remove such animals
from your premises.
Keep plant growth under control: Between the rain and heat, plants can grow out of
control. This can make your property unsightly and large roots can even damage

Managing your property in the summer is a full-time job and your property and tenants require
more care and maintenance. A property manager can maintain your rental units, handle tenant
issues, screen for new tenants, and even show your property.

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