Riva – Annapolis and Maryland’s Best Kept Secret

Riva – Annapolis and Maryland’s Best Kept Secret
Riva is one of Maryland's best kept secrets.

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I’m going to tell you a secret of a little known town overlooking the South River. For those looking for peace and quiet but close to the fun, this town is ideal to retire.  Young couples just starting a family will love this town.  Surrounded by safe schools and nature-filled parks, kids will thrive here. And business professionals wanting easy access to Baltimore, DC, and Annapolis may just find exactly what they have been looking for in an investment or future home in Maryland.

There are some small town joints to meet other like-minded individuals, close proximity to water for boating and outdoor exploration, as well as a few notable places for shopping and dining. Just a few miles from the state capital, Riva isn’t as bustling in the winter, but now that the weather is warming up, it’s worth checking out a few of these hidden hot-spots that make this town a uniquely special place to visit or live.

For locals and visitors alike, here’s a list of best spots in Riva:

Best dining view- Mike’s Crab House

Now that summer is almost here, Mike’s will be the hot spot for picking crabs packed to the brim with folks vying for a seat and view of the South River. A wonderful place to mingle with fellow and aspiring boat enthusiasts, Mike’s also has some of the most unforgettable, picturesque sunsets.

Best Sub – Riva Market

Not only is the deli amazing but I challenge anyone to not find what he needs at this local market.

Best Park- Riva Area Park

For kids, this park boasts a playground, baseball, and soccer field. The place for a picnic or a quick nature walks to ease your mind.

Best Farmer’s Market – Riva Gardens

This roadside treasure comes alive in the summer with beautiful flowers, herbs and gardening.

This roadside treasure comes alive in the summer with beautiful flowers, herbs, gardening knick-knacks and the most delicious local fruits and veggies around. (TIP-You MUST try their corn!)

Best Shopping –  Riva Festival

Ok, so maybe this isn’t technically in Riva, but its close enough and definitely your one stop shop and the place to find any other items on your to-do-list you couldn’t find at the Riva Market.


Best neighbors – everyone!

Maybe I’m a bit biased, but the residents and workers of Riva have always been so friendly and helpful. They are always smiling and eager to keep Riva looking its best. A small country town with lots of potential, Riva is diversifying as more renters and real estate buyers are beginning to see the true value of the area. The lush landscape and water views coupled with the safety and great school systems make this location a great investment for anyone looking to move here. While off the radar to most, Riva is one of Maryland’s best kept secrets, but not for long. Come and have a take a look for yourself, we’d love to have you!


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