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Property Management Fees

Our management fee is 10% of the monthly rent. We do not charge vacancy fees or finder’s fees for new residents. We only pass on the direct marketing costs and maintenance costs.

Our fee basis and structure is designed to be all-inclusive, simple and ensure we are working towards a common goal of:

  1. Finding suitable residents at the market rent as promptly as possible.
  2. Maximizing the occupancy (our occupancy rates for 2018 over 97%)
  3. Minimizing vacancy and turnover costs.

As a consequence, our only fee is 10% of the collected rent. There are no vacancy fees, no leasing fees, no lease renewal fees, no vendor fees.

No Rent = No fees

The only other fee is an upfront marketing fee of $250 to list your property to prospective residents. This is a one time fee to offset the costs of listing your property. These costs include:

Paid advertising on platforms such as:

  2. Google ad words
  3. Sponsored Facebook posts

Management fees & Services include:

  1. Photography and video tour of your property
  2. Comprehensive marketing to prospective residents
  3. Property Showings
  4. Resident applications and background screenings
  5. Lease preparation and electronic signing capability
  6. Property turnover co-ordination and cleaning
  7. Vendor coordination
  8. In house 24 emergency coverage
  9. Repair requests
  10. Managing all tenant communication and requests
  11. Maintenance coordination
  12. H.O.A notices and violations
  13. Rent collection
  14. Disbursement of funds and accounting
  15. Online account access
  16. Bi-annual (6 monthly) property walkthrough
  17. Move in and move out walk-through with video
  18. Security deposit management
  19. Peace of mind
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Annapolis Property Services
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