Preparing for your Photoshoot

Preparing for your Photoshoot


Preparing for your Photoshoot

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned photographing and video tours of over a thousand properties to help homeowners prepare their homes for photoshoots. In our experience and research following the checklist below will ensure that your property is as marketable as possible



  • All interior lights on, including floor lamps, under cabinet lighting, stovetop lighting, bedside lamps, ceiling fan lights, and any other secondary light sources
  • Ensure that all light bulbs work and replace any burnt-out bulbs
  • Open window treatments all the way in every room, horizontal blinds should be twisted open, not pulled up and all equally level


  • Remove all non-decorative items from the counters (dish soap, paper towels, phones, cleaning supplies, etc) 
  • Remove magnets, photos, kids artwork, etc from the refrigerator


  • Lower all toilet seats
  • Clear countertops of non-decorative items
  • Remove toiletries from the bath/shower area (curtains/door are often opened to show off tiling/fixtures)

Front and back yards

  • Take any flags down
  • Put hoses and any other equipment away, organize patio/deck
  • Pick up pet waste, put away garbage bins and generally clean up the yard
  • Freshly cut lawn and landscaping in good shape
  • Ensure any pool cleaning equipment is removed and the pool has been cleaned


  • Keep pets out of the way during the shoot (in the back yard, garage or unfinished basement, for example)
  • Put away pet supplies, including food/water bowls, crates, toys, etc


  • Ensure that no vehicles are in the driveway or on the street in front of the home 
  • Close garage doors


  • If available, place unobtrusive decorative items on counters and tables – examples include fresh flowers, bowls of fruit, pottery, vases, and candles

Holiday Decor

  • Remove all holiday decor – examples include Pumpkins, Christmas trees, menorahs, Christmas lights, wreaths from the front door, etc


  • Turn ceiling fans off
  • Put all personal items away
  • Remove any religious symbols from view
  • Generally, make the house as clean and de-cluttered as possible
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