How to Deal with Tenant Noise Complaints

How to Deal with Tenant Noise Complaints

Noise complaints are challenging to deal with as they are often subjective and hard to measure.
In most cases, noise disruption issues and other tenant matters should be directed towards your
property manager. An experienced property manager will be able to get to the root of the
problem quickly and determine the best path for successfully resolving the complaint.

First, you need to identify the circumstances of the complaint. Is one of your tenants
complaining about another resident? Or, is a nearby neighbor complaining about one of your

If the complaint is directed at your tenants, follow these tips

Listen to their complaint: Before you can begin to resolve the situation, you need
information. Listen attentively to the complaining resident and take notes. Be sure to ask
for details of the occurrence including the time, number of occurrences, whether the
police were called, etc. Request that this information be emailed to you as well if
Summarize the issue: Show the resident that you have heard their complaint by
summarizing the issue and letting them know that you will take the steps needed to
remedy it.
Give a response time: Provide the resident with a time frame in which they can expect
to hear back from you about the noise complaint issue. In the meantime, if there are
further noise violations, suggest that they contact the police.
Follow up with your tenants: Next, you need to contact your tenants and hear their
side of the story. Again, take notes, and ask for important details.
Encourage a resolution: If possible and appropriate, encourage both parties to discuss
the issue and try to resolve it directly. In many cases, disagreeing parties can solve
issues by simply talking.
Ask parties to use video and audio to document any future issues: If and when
appropriate, ask parties to record any future noise complaint violations or disturbances.

If your tenants complain about a nearby resident, heed this advice

Listen to their issues: Take your tenants’ concerns seriously. Write down important
details about their complaint and let them know that you will get back to them in a
reasonable amount of time.
Show empathy: Remember, your property is your tenants’ home. Respect their need for
peace and empathize with their situation. Let them know that you are working hard to
resolve the issue.
Ask them to video and audio document the issue: If appropriate, ask your tenants to
digitally document the occurrence.

Ask them if they are able to address this issue directly: Ask your tenant if they have
complained directly to the other party and what the response was from the interaction.
Contact HOA: If the property is part of a Homeowners Association, contact their office to
determine how they can help remedy the problem.
Tell them to call the police: If the noise continues despite these efforts, tell your
tenants to call the police.

Owning and renting properties can be a lucrative endeavor. But it can also be time-consuming
and frustrating. Fortunately, by hiring a skilled property manager, you can concentrate on
growing your real estate portfolio instead of micromanaging your tenants.

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