Fire Safety for Your Rental

Fire Safety for Your Rental

It is vital that you ensure your property meets all fire safety regulations and standards. If you are
unsure of whether your property has any fire safety issues, consult with an experienced property
manager. A skilled property manager can quickly scout through your units to determine if the
smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are up to code and if the building meets any other fire
safety requirements.

Maryland recently passed the Maryland Smoke Alarm Law to protect the public from fire-related
fatalities caused by older fire alarms. A reputable property management company will be
familiar with the provisions under the law and can help you achieve compliance throughout your
rental units.

In regards to the new law, you should be aware of the following information:

● The law went into effect on Jan 1, 2018
● All battery-powered smoke detectors with removable batteries are required to be
replaced with 10-year sealed battery detectors (these detectors are equipped with an
internal 10-year life battery that tenants cannot remove),
● All smoke detectors over 10 years old must be replaced.
● Hardwired detectors with removable back up batteries are still acceptable as long as
less than 10 years old.
● Smoke detectors are required on all levels and in all sleeping areas (bedrooms).
● All rental properties are now required to have a carbon monoxide detector on each level.
The detector can be either a combination smoke/carbon monoxide detector or a stand-
alone carbon monoxide detector, and the detector must be permanently attached to a
wall or ceiling (outlet plug-in devices are no longer acceptable).

As fire prevention technology improves, new laws are being developed. A knowledgeable
property manager is likely to be aware of such statutory changes and can help ensure your
building’s fire safety measures are up-to-date. If you need help complying with the Maryland
Smoke Alarm law, consult with an experienced property manager as soon as possible.

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