APS Hits 500 Properties Under Active Management

APS Hits 500 Properties Under Active Management

Annapolis Property Services (APS) is proud to celebrate 500 properties under active management.
The company, which was founded in 2003 by owner/operator Peter Cook, specializes in long-term
(minimum one-year lease) residential property management of condos, townhouses and single-family
homes, and is committed to connecting responsible property owners with quality residents.

APS has built a dynamic team of 11 employees that support steady, sustainable growth.

AAA service from a family run business
For over 15 years, APS has focused on providing property owners throughout the Annapolis area with
trusted service, including:

● Offering a simple fee structure with no hidden fees.
● Servicing both rental owners and residents/tenants.
● Handling all aspects of any property under company care, which includes covering a 24-hour
emergency line, property showing and walkthroughs, and a dedicated maintenance team.
● Completing all tenant selection in-house – which means APS is fully vested in finding the right
tenants for a property.
● Embracing technology – specifically using video for all property tours and move in/out condition
reports, online maintenance scheduling, and cloud-based software.

A solid foundation
Founded in 2003, APS was established to help overseas and out-of-state landlords with homes in the
Annapolis area. The company grew from 3 properties to 250 in less than a decade – and today manages
more than 500 properties.

Over the years, APS has evolved and increased its management team, adopted property management
software, and expanded its physical space. APS embraced technology at the start and today is 100%
cloud-based. The company found its edge through a combination of innovative sales and human
resources strategies which include:

In-house tenant advertising and recruitment: APS works directly with prospective residents to
ensure they find the right home for their needs.
Focusing on their core competency of long-term leases. The company does not offer leases less
than 12 months, furnished rental options, or commercial properties.
Stressing teamwork. All team members hold salaried positions without individual commission
or bonus plans. Everything is team based.

Training and promoting from within: Whenever possible, APS seeks to train and promote in-
Rewarding longevity for team members: Team members who stay with APS over the years are
rewarded with an increasing number of paid vacation days.

With an extensive background in Marine Engineering, sales, and brand management, company founder
Peter Cook is especially equipped to guide the growth and success of APS.

Looking ahead
Today, with 11 employees and an ambitious business plan, APS is looking to the future. The company
will continue to focus on system improvement, team development, and identifying new ways to improve
the landlord and renter experience. Additionally, APS will seek ways to offer additional services and
optional rental guarantees to property owners while offering residents simpler and faster solutions to
leasing and maintenance requests.

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