Annapolis Property Services (APS) Employee Spotlight: Ben Derrick

Annapolis Property Services (APS) Employee Spotlight: Ben Derrick

APS is the leading residential property management company in the Annapolis area for a simple reason – our extraordinary staff. In this third of our Employee Spotlight series, we profile our Maintenance Manager, Ben Derrick.

Ben Derrick

What Ben Does for APS and our Clients:  Ben Derrick is a very busy man. As our Maintenance Manager, Ben coordinates all maintenance duties for every occupied property managed by APS. He also handles all owner and resident communications that relate to maintenance issues.

Since APS manages more than 500 properties, Ben is constantly engaged in keeping landlords and tenants happy. He spends his typical days helping with new tasks and making sure they’re all completed promptly and properly.

An experienced manager, Ben juggles all of these activities with efficiency and empathy. “I like working with our clients,” he explains, “because they’re asking for help from us. I enjoy providing that help, solving their problems, and making sure they are comfortable in the properties.”

Although Ben has been with APS for seven years, he still enjoys the fact that every day on the job is different, and that he gets the chance to help people out with their various issues. “I actually didn’t know that I wanted to be in this business,” says Ben. “But once I got introduced to property management by our President, Peter Cook, I found that I really liked working with the various units.”

Ben’s role at APS is certainly different from his prior role as the General Manager of the Annapolis Sailing School. “Working at the Sailing School was the most interesting job that I had until now,” he says. “I was there for ten years and did everything from teaching people to sail to managing the staff.”

When asked how he would spend sixty minutes of spare time, Ben laughs. “I can’t remember the last time I had a spare sixty minutes. But, if I did, I would probably just use it to watch movies, spend time with my wife and pets, or both.”

Life outside work :   A graduate of Salisbury University in Maryland, Ben is an avid sailor, photographer, and baseball fan who enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys eating flavorful Latin American meals at Sin Fronteras in Parole, where he can feast on everything from Peruvian Papa
Rellana to Colombian Beef Empanada.

The APS team  In addition to Ben, APS has ten other full-time employees who work closely together as a team to meet the needs of our customers. The APS offices are located at 914 Forest Dr, Annapolis MD (next to the True Value hardware store on Forest Dr/Bay Ridge Ave). To learn more, visit our
website at or give us a call at 410-695-6151


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